Artist Bio

I was born in 1954 on a goat farm in Indiana, and moved to Minnesota when I was three. My father was an anthropologist, my mother a botanist, and I grew up hanging out behind the scenes of the St. Paul Science Museum, where I watched artist Alex Ojia sculpt dioramas for the museum and thought “I can do that.”

I received my degree in Studio Art from Hamline University, and moved to Minnetonka in 1988 where I married and found the Minnetonka Center for the Arts. I offered to work for free for the artist in residence Nick Legeros, if he would teach me everything he knew about being a professional sculptor. I apprenticed in bronze casting while taking classes for several years, eventually becoming a teacher and professional sculptor myself.

Since then I have become a prominent artist in the area, featured in magazines, books, and on television. I am proud that I have taught so many people the art of bronze casting, and feel I have been an influence in the Minnesota sculpture community. I have focused on figurative artwork, creating pieces with the hope of exalting my audience and uplifting them. There is enough bad news in the world, and I want to focus on the beauty of the spirit.